Round the World Challenge

Fact ………………… Walking is great for us!!!

Most of us could do with moving around more and doing fun things as a group are great for keeping us motivated.  With this in mind I set up the Round the World Challenge

According to various sites on the internet the approximate distance around our planet is 40,075km.  The average step length is 0.75m which equates to 1,333.33 steps per km. So walking round the world would take just over 53m steps.

The recommended daily target is 10k steps. One average person taking 10k steps a day would take 14 years 7 months to complete our challenge.  Get 100 people to walk together and combine their recommended daily step totals and that goes down to just over 53 days; much more achievable!

With 13 other intrepid walkers I started the challenge on the 10th February 2014 using our regular coffee stop the Rose & Crown near St Albans as our starting point. Others are joining us all the time………the more the merrier! To be part of the challenge all you need is a way of counting your steps, a pedometer you can wear all day every day is great for this, contact me if you need any advice or help with getting one.

Then send me an email or text me every Monday with your step total for the previous week.

I will then keep a central spreadsheet recording everyone’s weekly step count and will use this data to create a route using Google maps and send out regular newsletters. These will detail how many steps we have done, the distance covered and give a brief outline of where our route has taken us.

As well as looking after ourselves it’s always good to think about helping others too. With this in mind I would like you to think about pledging money or time to give to a good cause when you reach personal targets along the way, eg ‘I will pledge to give a £1 for every week I reach over 70,000 steps’. This bit is voluntary and there is no hard and fast rule for this. It’s up to you and if you decide to, it would be nice to hear about who you are helping, how and why.

My contact details: or 07801 651141


11. May 2014 by Carol
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