Our Walks

Having run a formal timetable of walks to three years, we now have a strong base of walkers who have got into the habit of walking regularly; they have also got to know each other really well through our walks and other social events we have organised. As such it was decided that the time was right to shake things up a little, so we have changed the format of how we run the walks.

We still have walks going out almost every day but now rely on the regular walkers arranging amongst themselves as to where and when a walk will take place.  To facilitate this, we have a central contact list which is distributed amongst those who are known to the group and are happy to be on the list themselves.

We still walk at Heartwood, Highfield and Batchwood; often following our previous timetable.  However, it does give us the flexibility to make changes to times and venues if  any of us want to try something a little different.

To maximise our activity levels it is important not just to rely on walking with others so Carol has also created the  ‘Walk round the World Challenge’.  This is a group activity in that everyone taking part logs a weekly step total with Carol and we are aiming to complete a total of 53m steps together – enough to get us round the world. It is a great way to encourage individual responsibility for taking more steps and even though the challenge has started we can always do with more steps.

If you would like more information on how to get involved with our walks and Round the World challenge we would love to hear from you.