Welcome to Get Fit and Give

There has never been more focus on the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle and there are pages written every day on how best to achieve these goals.  Some intitiatives focus on physical fittness others on a healthier mindset. Some approaches encourage extreme diets or spending huge amounts of money on short term fixes which deplete our pockets and line those of others. The reality is that we need a subtle balance of  the right physical and mentally engaging activities to achieve an all round sense of wellbeing and fitness. Unfortunately, despite the knowledge we now have at our finger tips more of us seem to be struggling to get the right balance.

At Get Fit and Give we wanted to address this problem and set about creating an organisation that would give people the opportunity to get together within their local community and take part in activities that promoted personal enhancement combined with the opportunity to give others a helping hand.  Everything we are involved in allows all those taking part to get something out of the experience. Whether it be walkers, event attendees, local companies that support our initiatives, or the charities and good causes we raise money for. We do this through:

  • Encouraging our walkers to pledge time and money to good causes of their choice
  • Organising walking challenges to get us walking more
  • Creating a mutually supportive social network
  • The creation of our website to promote not only what we do but  the work of others involved in helping our society become a better place


If you would like to now more about us or would like to come along on one of our walks please get in touch.